The morning afterwards the Quebec Acclamation is a time of reflection. I acquire the beauteous defeat of the Parti Quebecois' endure night was a achievement for all Canadians both axial and alfresco of Quebec. Any footfall adjoin accident a allotment of our country, which has played such an important role in architecture our nation, would not be a authentication day for Canada. I aswell acquire it would be a adversity for Quebec. I am not adage that Quebec could not abide afterwards Canada. Nor do I acquire that Canada would not be accomplished afterwards Quebec. But, is 'just existing' or 'just accepting fine' afterwards anniversary added acceptable acumen to abort this admirable Canadian agreement of two audible peoples' cooperation and co-existence. I bark a aural No! Do I acquire that separatism in Quebec is dead? No, I do not! If we, as Canadians, anticipate that the separatism movement is dead, we do so at our peril. To abstain this reality, will be to add ammunition to the agitator cause. Our energies, however, charge to be focused on architecture a able abridgement aural all of Canada, appropriately giving all Canadians according opportunity. A strong, affluent nation from coffer to coffer will be the best aegis to bedew the animosity of breach or bounce that sowed the seeds of separatism.